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P&F Levy Rebate Programme

Your child’s enrolment at the School includes membership of the P&F Association. A P&F Levy of $130 is billed through your School Account in Terms 1, 2 and 3. Over the year you can earn a rebate of up to 90% of the total Levy of $390 (i.e. up to $360) by volunteering your time and helping within the School community. You will receive your 2017 P&F Levy Rebate Card early in Term 1, together with details on how to use the Card and claim your P&F Levy Rebate. You can claim a Levy Rebate for up to 12 hours of volunteer help within the School. Each hour of assistance given equates to a $30 rebate. Levy cards should be signed by a staff or P&F Committee member and then handed in at Main Administration for processing. The money raised by the Levy is used to improve resources available to all children within our School community.

All assistance provided within the School community is both appreciated and recognised via the Levy Rebate Programme. Rebates are credited quarterly and cut off dates for the submission of Levy Rebate Cards are advertised in the School Newsletter and on the App.

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