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A Message from the Associate Principal - Senior School

2020: what a year this has been – one that is not like any other in our recent memory!

This year has been a remarkable year in many ways.

It was an eerie feeling when the School closed just weeks before the end of Term 1. During that week, with no students on campus, all the teachers prepared for Distance Learning (DL). We had to decide on the best way to remotely deliver our teaching and learning programme to our classes.

After the Term 1 break, we were unsure of how long all students in the State were to remain in DL mode. Was it to be one week, one month or one term? Then the State Government closed our borders and students drifted back into class. It was a most unusual and surreal time. The School was back by Week 4 Term 2 and, seemingly, it was “business as usual”.

Except, it was not really the same. No Senior School Assemblies, no combined Year cohort Chapels, adjusted House Carnivals, no parents on site, no Information Evening events for parents, no Careers Expo, no excursions and a modified assessment programme delivered for all students in Years 10, 11 and 12. Spraying of hand sanitisers for students at the School gate, and in classrooms. The ‘pink ladies’ cleaning all surfaces and equipment in all areas of the School.

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic is still wreaking horrific consequences in many countries of the globe as this is written, and there is still global uncertainty. Despite that, Western Australian has seen a silver lining compared to many other states in the country. In Australia, we have been relatively blessed from the effects of COVID-19.  Even more so, here in our state, we have been doubly blessed.

In reality, in the Senior School, what has been remarkable about this year is that we have had an academic programme that has been almost normal. In all our classes, for every student in the Senior School, has completed an almost full teaching and learning programme.

From the Mid-Year examinations, to the Year 12 Mock Examinations, Year 11 and Year 10 examinations all went ahead. Very few students were disadvantaged. Fortuitously, the Year 12 WACE examinations were completed without incident (apart from a few minutes of a false fire alarm).

With some modifications according to social distancing, the major end-of-year milestones events of the Senior School were completed – Leavers celebratory events, Valedictory Evening and Presentation Evening.

I would like to think that the experience of this remarkable year has brought some new skills and perspectives to the lives of all our students. All experiences provide a learning opportunity, even negative COVID-19 experiences should allow us to reflect, restock and to define our purpose in life and of life.

As we reflect on the remarkable year that is 2020, our Senior School students are encouraged to focus their attention on all that they do: ‘where attention goes, energy flows’. How you learn from the events of this remarkable year will define your success for future years. Attend to your energy and your purpose. Make your relationships positive, work in the creative, supportive and compassionate communities that Peter Moyes provides.

From the way that the students in Years 10, 11 and 12 have carried on ‘as normal’ this year, I have been very proud of the way in which they have demonstrated the values and purpose of a Peter Moyes student. In doing so, our students can be very pleased with their remarkable efforts this year.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge the strength, resilience and adaptability of our staff. Their efforts have ensured that the silver-lining of 2020 has seen minimal disruption to the learning of all our students.

Natalie Shaw

Associate Principal Senior School