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A Message from the Primary Associate Principal

I want to welcome you all back to the Primary School for the start of the year. In particular, I extend a warm welcome to those families who are new to Peter Moyes.

After our first day of school, it was such a crazy awakening, to be suddenly interrupted with our week of lockdown to follow! A striking reminder of the vulnerability of our world at this present time. However, we coped exceptionally well and were thrilled to have everyone back! There is nothing more wonderful in a school than to see the students smiling, their excited conversations and their eager faces back on site. Walking around the Primary School there has been a genuine excitement to be back, which creates a terrific atmosphere.

Commencing the year, thus far, we are revelling in our work with children. Our Primary School students have returned with a great motivation to learn and grow. And that is what our Primary School is all about – growing people! New friendships have been emerging, and children’s eyes and ears are at the ready to see what exciting things have been brought to their attention in the classroom.

We have been working with our staff to reflect on our academic learning in our Primary School to ensure that it is innovative, targeted and structured to really consolidate core literacy and numeracy skills. As a whole School we have started to focus on how we enhance the role of the teacher to become more reflective of their own teaching and in seeing the learning through the eyes of students. I will share more on this at a later stage as we delve into the implementation of Visible Learning more throughout the year.

We thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to meet with parents at the Parent Information Night recently. We were overwhelmed by the attendance of parents and were thrilled to have our parent community together. Parent/Teacher Interviews were held both onsite and via Zoom. Again, these interviews provided another opportunity for parents to engage with their child’s teacher.

At Peter Moyes, every minute counts. The day is complete with purposeful and intentional teaching and learning that involves many facets for the day or lesson, with hands on tasks, practice, consolidation, and reflection. We do understand children may have appointments and extra-curricular activities from time to time. We ask that parents arrange these times out of school hours as much as possible. The evidence regarding student absence is obvious - there is a decline in achievement and increased anxiety when children are absent. Absence also includes lateness and early pick-ups.

I have loved witnessing the joy and fun our children have in and around the playground, their creative talents and sense of enjoyment has been captured in the two photos below whilst I was on my lunch duty. Just another day in the life of our School! We have a group of Year 3 boys building huge nests, and some of our Year 2 girls were enjoy some antics by building human pyramids whilst in fits of laughter!

Mrs Lawton, Ms Shimmings, Miss Sutherland, Mr Pini in the Primary and myself included had a very early start (5:30 am) to complete our Bronze Medallion Assessment and training at the Joondalup Arena on Tuesday last week. It was a big ask, rather taxing but we all passed with flying colours!

As a School we need to ensure we have staff trained in practical water rescue and resuscitation with any water-based activity that we involve our students in like camps for example. You might not be aware but all our staff on site across the whole School also complete annually, the First Aid qualification through Royal Life Saving WA.

By the time this publication goes out, our Year 4 students will have returned from their adventures at Fairbridge Farm, near Pinjarra. A huge thank you to my Primary School staff – Atish Patel, Nathaniel Pestell, Annie Gifford, Kathryn Sutherland and Nicole Brown for their commitment to the safety and success of this camp and also to our team of wonderful parent helpers. I was fortunate enough to be able to have the afternoon and evening meal with all the Year 4 gang on their first day.

All our Upper Primary School headed off to the Joondalup Arena this morning to end the week with their Inter-House Swimming Carnival and we look forward to hearing about their swimming accomplishments upon their return. This is of course an unusual occasion due to the COVID restrictions where we sadly, cannot have families attend.

We now look forward to the weeks ahead!

Again, I thank you for all your support and encouragement. To all my Primary School staff, my sincerest thanks for being online learning ready and for the great start thus far. You are legends!

Mr Roderick Wood
Associate Principal – Primary School

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