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Principal's Notes, 15th December 2020


There is no doubt that 2020 has been an unprecedented year. Yet despite the significant challenges we have all been confronted with over the past 12 months, in many ways it has been a time of profound learning as we reflect on the things that really matter in our lives, most notably the importance of always being connected to our family and friends. In reflecting on school life in 2020, I have an enormous sense of satisfaction at the way our community responded to the challenges of dealing with Covid-19. The safety of our community was always the number one priority, closely followed by maintaining a sense of normality for our students. Despite an ever-changing landscape, I believe that we have achieved these two goals. As another year draws to a close, I am confident that the resilience of our students, staff and parents demonstrated over the past 12 months positions us well for the future as we continue to work together as a school community to provide the best possible education for the students in our care.

Parents and Friends Association

The Parents and Friends Association met for the final time in 2020 on Tuesday 24 November. A key discussion item involved setting the P & F Levy for 2021. I am pleased to announce that it was unanimously agreed to further reduce the P&F the Levy to $30.00 per family. Families will no longer be required to complete any compulsory volunteer hours. However, parents and guardians are still welcome and encouraged to help within the School. Volunteer opportunities are regularly advertised on the School app or directly from your classroom teachers.

The $30.00 P&F Levy will be will applied to your annual School Account at the beginning of the year. The money raised by the Levy and any additional fundraising is used to improve resources available to all students within our School Community. The majority of Levy income in 2020 has been allocated to the redevelopment of the Nature Play area on the southern side of the Primary School. This project is scheduled to be completed in time for the commencement of the 2021 school year. Other projects finalised this year include an upgrade of lighting facilities in the Allan Shaw Centre and a refurbishment of the Year 12 Common Room.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the 2020 P & F Committee. Behind the scenes and often without the public recognition of what they do, the P & F carry out an immense amount of work on behalf of the School.  I would especially like to thank the long list of parents who volunteer their time through the Parents and Friends Association. Your contributions on camps, excursions and in classrooms have truly been invaluable.

Student Uniforms

Over the course of 2020, key staff at the School have been working with student representatives to review our school uniform with a view exploring options for improvement. This includes adding a shorts option for female students, different (less itchy!) jumper material, alternate designs for shirts and several other elements. In late October, some potential options were shared with parents at a P & F Coffee morning. The session provided the Executive Team with some very useful feedback, including some additional areas for review. I want to reassure our parents that the uniform review is exploratory at this stage and much broader consultation with all parents will occur before any changes are made to the compulsory uniform.

I am pleased, however, to announce that a shorts option will be available for female students from early 2021. At this stage we are still awaiting delivery of the new shorts due to delays caused by Covid-19. Parents will be notified in early 2021 when the shorts will be available to purchase. I am also pleased to confirm that, in future, our School jumpers will be made from a softer material. The cut, design and look remain the same and the new jumper will simply be an option for parents and students who wish to upgrade. As a school we remain ever mindful of the financial pressure that our families are under and any changes to uniform will be done in consultation with parents and with extended transition periods, keeping any additional costs to an absolute minimum. Further details will be sent to all families in due course.

Local Schools Update

You may have seen in the media recently that the Education Department is reviewing the future of Clarkson Community High School, Kinross College and Mindarie Senior College. The following link details some potential changes:

In essence, the Education Department has developed a proposal to close Clarkson Community High School, expand Kinross College to cater for students up to Year 12 and turn Mindarie Senior College into a 7-12 High School. The Education Department are surveying the local community to ascertain their views. The survey is available until Friday 18 December and can be accessed through the following link:

I encourage members of our community to have your say as this will have potential implications for our school. Clearly having younger students at Mindarie Senior College will create further traffic issues and I have already written to the City of Wanneroo and the Local MLA to express my concerns.


Despite the various challenges that we have all been presented with in 2020, it has still been a very busy and positive year at Peter Moyes Anglican Community School with many new developments and outstanding student achievement. As this is the final edition of the School Newsletter for the year, I would like to thank all families for their support in 2020 and to you all the compliments of the Season. May all associated with the School be blessed with the company of family, friends and loved ones and take the opportunity to refresh and recharge for what is sure to be a busy 2021. In conclusion, I would like to extend my special thanks to Karen Russell and Stephanie Puttick, for their significant work in preparing and editing the School Newsletter in 2020.

Every Blessing.

Benjamin Lomas