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The REACH Programme

(incorporates Learning Support and Academic Extension)

The Reach Programme incorporates academic support services for students identified as requiring Learning Support and students identified as being Gifted and Talented under the one umbrella. There are several benefits to incorporating the programmes and both offer a common goal to inspire students to succeed through the provision of a structured and supportive learning environment.

The Reach Programme is currently focused on students in Years 8 and 9 with support services provided to Year 7 and 10 students. Studies have found that Years 8 and 9 are where students require the most support as they deal with developmental changes as individuals and also changes in their learning environment. Year 8 is also common to student migration from other schools or other countries. The Reach Programme offers early identification and provision of support for selected students.

The support services for Year 7 and 10 students involve a harmonious integration of Individual Education Plans (IEPs) developed by the Reach Programme team and the classroom teacher. The use of an IEP assists the classroom teacher in providing additional support whilst maintaining the broader requirements of the curriculum.

All students are encouraged to be independent learners, and the Reach Programme will provide the tools and skills that allow the students to progress and set their own goals and aspirations.

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