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The Middle School structure is based on meeting the needs of our early adolescent learners through providing consistency, continuity and stability in their learning environment. For students, feeling a sense of belonging within a community and developing positive long-term relationships with peers and teachers are particularly important during this phase and are reflected in the organisational structure within the Middle School.

The structure is focused on ‘Learning Teams’ consisting of a maximum of 3 class groups (96 students). Within each Year Level there are two Learning Teams and each has its own team of teachers who focus their teaching within the Learning Team. A ‘Team Leader’ is responsible for all aspects of the day to day running of the Learning Team, in addition to teaching classes within the Team.

Students remain in the same class group for all of their lessons and the number of teacher contacts is limited by students having a common Maths/Science teacher, Society and Environment/English teacher and Health/PE teacher. This approach facilitates integration of learning across these Learning Areas and helps to foster better relationships. Students remain in the same Learning Team through their time in the Middle School and where possible, teachers remain with the same group of students.

Students are accommodated in a purpose-built Middle School building specifically designed to meet the particular needs of Middle School students. Each floor contains six classrooms; three in a row on either side of a central shared space which also accommodates a class set of desktop computers. A teacher’s office adjoins each set of classrooms to accommodate the team of teachers. Students are provided a comfortable and supportive learning environment which includes the use of a dedicated homeroom for each class and specialist classrooms when needed. This maximises class time and provides students with a space in which students feel ownership. Each classroom has a computer and data projector and classes also have access to sets of notebook computers which utilise the school’s wireless network.

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