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Our School is a Christian School in the Anglican tradition and as such, worship is an essential and integral part of the weekly rhythm within the School.

Our Chaplaincy Team are an integral part of the pastoral care system of our School. They respond in times of crises and provide ongoing support and spiritual guidance for students, staff and their families. The Chaplaincy team also offers pastoral care and social and emotional support to all members of the community irrespective of their faith or beliefs. Their door is always open to those who may be finding life difficult, and who may need a helping hand in their time of distress. The Chaplains are based in St Gregory’s Chapel; the School’s place of worship.


The spiritual programme in the School is varied. Chapel services are at the heart of what makes our School Anglican. These services, which are inclusive and participatory in nature, allow our students and staff to participate in, and connect with, the Christian Ethos of our School. Students attend an age appropriate chapel service each week. Having weekly worship services enables the School community to follow the rises and falls of the Church’s liturgical year, thereby immersing the School in the pattern of the major festivals of Easter, Christmas, Advent, Pentecost and other Sundays in between. In this way, worship at the School replicates the pattern of worship of Anglican Parishes, thereby making us a worshipping community within the Anglican Diocese of Perth. In this context it is worth mentioning that the local Anglican Parish of Quinns-Butler share ST Gregory’s Chapel as their place of worship.


Baptism is a sacrament of the Christian church; a ceremony that is a visible sign of an inward spiritual grace. Baptism is the way in which the church receives people into the family of God to live life in a new way and with new meaning. In Baptism, we make serious promises and a commitment to follow Jesus Christ. Through Baptism, we demonstrate a willingness to let go of the old ways of seeing ourselves and others, and endeavour to live according to Christian principles. Infant Baptism provides an opportunity for a family to give thanks for the birth of a child and to pray for God's help in the child's care and nurture. If a student wishes to be baptised or if you are a parent, and would like your child to be baptised, please contact the Chaplaincy team.


For those who have already been Baptised, the Church offers the rite of Confirmation.  Confirmation is an important “rite of religious passage” where the person being confirmed takes on responsibility for his or her own spiritual growth. For those baptised as infants, this is the opportunity to ‘confirm’ the promises made on their behalf by godparents and sponsors.  In the Anglican Church, candidates are usually at least 12 years old. Candidates would attend a series of confirmation classes that teach more about the faith and Christian responsibilities.

If you would like to explore the possibility of Baptism or Confirmation, or wish to talk to the Chaplains for any reason, they can be contacted as follows:

Reverend Dave Deeny - (08) 9304 5500 or

Reverend Jean-Pierre Schroeder - (08) 9304 5500 or     

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