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The Middle School curriculum has been developed to meet the specific needs of the early adolescent learner in an approach that engages students and enhances their enthusiasm for learning. It has been designed to provide a smooth and effective progression of learning experiences by building on the foundations established in Primary School and systematically extending students in preparation for the requirements of Senior School. We strive to accommodate diverse learning styles and preferences with student-centred focus to enhance students desire to achieve their best.

Where appropriate, the curriculum is integrated in order to provide opportunities for students to make connections in concepts and understandings between the Learning Areas. A set curriculum is delivered to each year level with a range of subject offerings across all Learning Areas.

Students currently complete a range of learning experiences across 10 Learning Areas:

  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • English
  • Society and Environment
  • Technology and Enterprise
  • The Arts – Visual Arts, Music and Drama
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Languages (Indonesian)
  • Christian and Religious Education
  • Integration Studies

Across each Learning Area, teachers deliver programmes that provide a variety of learning experiences to ensure a diverse and comprehensive experience for our students that includes opportunities to develop knowledge, understanding and skills in a broad range of topics. Collaborative approaches are utilised along with an integrated approach to teaching and learning to enhance the learning experiences.

Students are given increasing responsibility for their own learning in a supportive environment and are offered opportunities that develop their capacity as independent learners who are ‘learning how to learn’. We strive to incorporate the use of Information and Communication Technologies into teaching and learning programmes to ensure a 21st Century learning environment is provided that prepares our students for their future.

Middle School students undertake a variety of learning activities at home for many pertinent educational reasons. It is important for students to manage and organise their time at home effectively to develop a good balance between school, home, leisure and sport life. Students learn in a variety of ways and at school, students work on both explicit and integrated tasks, using resources and participating independently or in group situations. Homework is structured to complement, extend, consolidate and revise the learning that students do at school.

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