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Pastoral Care

Pastoral care for students is provided collaboratively by the Learning Teams teachers working with each class group. The team approach emphasis a shared responsibility to provide pastoral care and requires all teachers and support staff who work on a regular basis with a student to provide support in a variety of ways.

Each class group meets daily with a specific teacher in the team allocated the role of Class Tutor. The Class Tutor provides the focus of all pastoral care and is assisted in providing pastoral support by the Team Leader, other members of the Teaching Team, the Chaplain, the School Counsellor and the Associate Principal of Middle School.

The Tutorial programme operates for 35 minutes each day following the lunch break. In this time, the Middle School offers our students opportunities to grow and develop as individuals by offering experiences in peer support, collaboration, leadership, citizenship, public speaking and also contribution to the school and local community. It is also an avenue in which personal values, goals, organisational and social skills are developed and enhanced. A weekly Chapel service and Assembly programme are also part of the Tutorial Programme.

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