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Camps Programme

A holistic education is important for a child’s personal growth and development and all students in Years 3 - 9 participate in the camping programme. This provides students with the opportunity to experience, and put into practice, the cognitive, physical, emotional and social skills, which have been taught as part of the general, and specialist programmes.

Our sequential Camp Programme across Years 3-9 has been carefully planned to ensure that camps increase in duration and challenge as students move through the year levels within the School. Students are provided with camps that provide a wide range of quality experiences that facilitate and encourage self-reliance, teamwork, leadership, resilience and responsibility through the challenges of experiential learning and new adventures. Working as a team member develops an enhanced value of self and others, and further develops new friendships and an inclusive environment.

Our Camp Programme offers a range of individual challenges and opportunities and the ‘challenge by choice’ and supportive spirit on camps often mean students achieve personal goals beyond their comprehension.

Year 3

  • Overnight Camp
  • At school
  • Theme: Resilience – facing new challenges in a familiar environment

Year 4

  • Three day Camp
  • Fairbridge Village, Pinjarra
  • Theme: Persistence –approaching new challenges with positivity

Year 5

  • Three day Camp
  • Boshack Outback Farm Camp, Wattening, WA
  • Theme: Courage – fostering new skills in an unfamiliar environment

Year 6

  • Three day Camp
  • Point Walter Recreation Camp, Bicton, WA
  • Theme: Adventurous – willing to take risks and try out new experiences

Year 7

  • Three day Camp
  • Swan Valley Adventure Centre
  • Theme: Kindness – developing new friendships and facing new challenges

Year 8

  • Three day Camp
  • Nanga Bush Camp, Dwellingup
  • Theme: Respect -  understanding and accepting each other

Year 9

  • Three day Camp
  • Forest Edge Camp, Waroona
  • Theme: Leadership – further developing leadership and initiative skills

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