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Curriculum in the Senior School (which includes Years 10, 11 and 12) is delivered under a modified Dalton Plan. The students are engaged in a vibrant and interesting curriculum, with information technology at the heart of instruction. Computers have become a major ingredient in the functioning of society and we reflect that in life in the Senior School.

The modified Dalton Method of curriculum delivery consists of three major differences to a more conventional curriculum delivery system. As part of this delivery method, a package containing all of the requirements a student will have to complete in a Learning Area in a week is issued to all students in a class – and called a LAP (Learning Area Package). It includes work and research that would be done in class time and at home. Once a LAP has been issued to the students in a class, it is not added to or subtracted from. LAP’s are due to be handed in to the teacher one week after they are issued. There is one LAP for each core (non-practical) academic Learning Area every week,(4 core academic and up to 4 electives per week for Year 10, and 5 or 6 per week for Years 11 and 12). All LAP’s are delivered online; this means that even if a student is away, they can still access their work. It creates a transparency that allows parents and teachers to effectively monitor a student’s progress.

An Academic Tutorial is a timetabled period where students can choose which LAP they work on. Students will receive between 5 to 13 tutorials a week depending on their year and workload.

A Teacher Directed Period is a class in the more conventional sense, where teaching and learning occurs. There might be investigations, directed research, group work or any other manner of instruction going on.

Hence, through a combination of Learning Area Packages, Academic Tutorials and Teacher-Directed Periods, the student timetable is filled in a manner ensuring both class time and individual time to cover the curriculum. This system gives students the skills and opportunity to plan their academic life. We are providing them with the means to become more and more independent in their learning and, indeed, helping them to become life long learners.

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