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Learning Areas & Time Allocation

The timetable in the Senior School operates on a 5-day cycle with seven periods per day.

In Year 10, the core subjects (English, Mathematics, Society & Environment, Science) are studied for five periods per week each. Three other compulsory subjects are also taken – Beliefs & Values, Health Education and Physical Education – totalling another five periods between them. Finally, students select four options (from a suite of 17 on offer, encompassing Advanced Sport to Engineering to Woodwork to Performing Arts and Visual Arts and more).

Year 10 students are issued work through a Modified Dalton Plan and receive Learning Area Packages (LAPs) weekly in their subjects as follows:

Maths/English/Science/S&E: 2 hours per LAP.
3-Period options: 1 hour home work/LAPs per week.
2-Period options: 30 minutes home work/LAPs per week.
Health & Physical Education: 30 minutes home work /LAPs per week.

In general, most Year 10 students therefore require approximately 11 or so hours per week set aside; 100 minutes per ‘school’ night and then another two to three hours on a weekend.

This increases throughout Year 11 and Year 12 to approximately 2 to 2½ hours work per night in Year 11, and 2½ to 3 hours per night in Year 12.

Subject selection for Year 11 and Year 12 has many facets to it. While a suite of more than 44 different courses is open to students in both Year 11 and again in Year 12 (at different stages and levels), it is a lengthy process to ensure students and families select an appropriate course. Hence any family interested in finding out what subjects are offered, or other information about subject selection at Peter Moyes Anglican Community School, is invited to contact the Senior School on (08) 9304 5588.

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