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Pastoral Care

Our main system of pastoral care in the Senior School is delivered through House-based Tutorial Groups. Our Senior School is renowned for its strong system of links – between teachers and students and families. Each student and their tutor maintain this relationship for three years, facilitating the development of good understandings and positive long-term relationships between students, staff and families.

Strong pastoral care underpins all that we do at Peter Moyes Anglican Community School. In the Senior School, the classroom teacher is responsible for most instruction, and for the nurture and care of each student. The tutor and Head of House support and guide the student through their passage from Middle School to young adults prepared to enter the workforce, or tertiary and technical study. The School Counsellor, Careers & Vocational Education Counsellor, the Chaplaincy Team, and the Associate Principal of Senior School all support the classroom teachers and tutors in their pastoral role.

Each tutor also spends 35 minutes every day immediately prior to the lunch break with their tutor group imparting the House Tutorial Programme, as developed by the Heads of House. In this time, the Senior School offers students opportunities to grow and develop as individuals by offering experiences in peer support, collaboration, leadership, citizenship, public speaking and also contribution to the school and local community. It is an avenue in which personal values, goals, organisational and social skills are developed and enhanced. Speaker visitations are organised for the different year levels according to their needs – including Careers talks, subject talks, community service organisations and the like. Weekly Chapel services and Assemblies are also part of the Tutorial Programme, allowing for a high level of student participation in the organisation, preparation and implementation of our Chapels and Assemblies.

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