Welcome to Peter Moyes Anglican Community School. We are a School that aspires to excellence, enabling students to achieve their full potential and pursue their chosen pathway. We aim to be a school where all students become successful learners, confident and competent individuals, and active and informed citizens.  We provide students with an academic, sporting, cultural and religious environment that offers a wide range of learning experiences and opportunities. Engaging in learning experiences within and beyond the classroom is an expectation for all our students. We believe that the full and varied involvement of a student best promotes their ability to discover and develop their talents, interests and capabilities.

Peter Moyes Anglican Community School is a proud member of the Anglican Schools Commission network of schools. The School opened in 2000 and in its relatively brief history, has grown quickly and developed a distinct identity. The School is set in the coastal area of northern Perth with wonderful panoramic views of the nearby Indian Ocean. Our students enjoy an excellent campus with high quality facilities, supported by a hardworking and dedicated team of staff assisting them to reach their full potential. 

Across our Primary and Secondary Schools, students and staff work within a distinct pastoral care structure that aims to best meet the needs of their respective students. 

I firmly believe that it is the interrelations between students, staff and the entire community that are integral to the success of any school. At PMACS we have a clear focus on developing the relational aspects of our School community to ensure the success of each child as they strive to achieve personal excellence. Establishment of meaningful relationships allows students to feel safe and to focus their energies on a dynamic, relevant and engaging curriculum, one that incorporates modern technologies and encourages active collaboration between students and their teachers.

An integral component of the School is the development and expression of the values of the Anglican tradition as we seek to develop a sense of grace and Christian purpose in the lives of our students. Students actively contribute to the Anglican life of the School through their participation in weekly Chapel, Religious Education classes and Eucharists marking significant events on the Christian calendar.

I hope you enjoy the snapshot of the life and times of Peter Moyes Anglican Community School that this website provides. I think you will find that a sense of connection and community is palpable in the informal photographs of our students as they participate in the events that make up the School calendar. 

If you and your child are excited by what we offer here at Peter Moyes Anglican Community School, I invite you to take a tour to see first-hand our community of confident, resilient and engaged learners and to talk with our motivated and innovative staff. 

I look forward to welcoming you to our School.

Mr Benjamin Lomas