The School has a variety of policies and procedures in place to ensure we provide a safe, positive and harmonious work and learning environment.


The School complies with policies and procedures created by the Anglican Schools Commission. These policies include Enrolment and Attendance, Privacy, Mandatory Reporting, Dispute and Conflict Resolution, Chaplaincy, Recruitment and more. Click here to view the ASC policies. 


Chapel Policy


Assessment and Reporting Policy

Examination Rules and Responsibilities

Homework Policy (under review)

School Curriculum and Evaluation Plan (under review)

Special Provisions in WACE and School Based Examinations Policy and Guidelines (under review)


Anglican Vision and Values of our School


Absences and Attendance Policy

Admissions Policy and Procedures

Awards Policy: Student Colours, Honours & Service

Car Park Policy

Co-curricular Programme

Communication Policy

Complaint and Dispute Resolution Policy

Emergency and Crisis Management Plan (under review)

IT Policy

Parents and Friends Association Policy

Privacy Policy

Social Media Terms of Use

School Uniform Policy

Student Use of Mobile Phones Policy (under review)

Use of Student Photos for Media and Publications Policy

Volunteer Policy (under review)


Anti-Bullying Policy

Anaphylaxis Policy

Code of Conduct – Student

Code of Conduct – Parents

Drugs Alcohol and Smoking Policy

First Aid Policy (under review)

Food and Nutrition (Including Nut Awareness)

Pastoral Care Policy

Sun Protection Policy (under review)

Behaviour Resolution Policy

Travelling to and from School Policy (under review)

Waves Cafe Policy