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P&F Association

The Peter Moyes Anglican Community School Parent’s and Friend’s Association (P & F) has a proud and established association with the School.  Since its establishment in 2000, the P & F has performed an important role in the School community. They have been actively involved with events, activities and projects at the School, and provide valuable assistance and funding for the School and its students.


The P & F plays a significant role in fostering a spirit of friendship and co-operation amongst the School community.  We value the support and help of our parents and encourage you to offer your assistance to the P & F.


Committee Members

The 2016-2017 Committee members are: 


Jacqui Buck

Vice President:

Louise Forster

Vice President:

Michelle Gaensler


Sarah Williamson


Denise Fraser


Evelyn Parsons


Alyson Dunn


Julie McLain


Lou Hendricks


Nicole Wade


Jane Glowacz


Kim Willett

P & F School Council Representative:

Heidi Bailey

P & F School Council Representative:  

Gerard Cronin


Roles are appointed at the Annual General Meeting for a one-year term. If you would like to join the Committee, please contact the P & F Administration Assistant.


P & F Meeting Dates

The P & F Committee invites parents and friends of the School to attend P & F Meetings.  The following is a list of scheduled dates for 2017:

General Meeting 

Tuesday 21st February 7:00pm

(was 7th February)

General Meeting and Funding Round     

Tuesday 21st March 7:00pm

General Meeting

Tuesday 13th June 7:00pm

General Meeting and Funding Round

Tuesday 8th August 7:00pm

General Meeting

Tuesday 17th October 7:00pm

Annual General Meeting

Tuesday 21st November 7:00pm

P & F Meetings are held in the new Administration Building on Elliston Parade, Mindarie. 


P & F Event Dates

Throughout the year the P & F organise a number of events for the School community.

If you would like to assist with an event, please contact the P & F Administration Assistant.


P & F Levy Rebate Programme

Your child’s enrolment within the Peter Moyes Anglican Community School includes membership of the PMACS Parents’ and Friends’ Association (P & F). A P & F Levy of $130 is billed through your School Account in Terms 1, 2 and 3. Over the year you can earn a rebate of up to 90% of the total Levy of $390 (i.e. up to $360) by volunteering your time and helping within the School community. You will receive your 2017 P & F Levy Rebate Card early in Term 1, together with details on how to use the Card and claim your P & F Levy Rebate. You can claim a Levy Rebate for up to 12 hours of volunteer help within the School. Each hour of assistance given equates to a $30 rebate. Levy cards should be signed by a staff or P & F Committee member and then handed in at Main Administration for processing. The money raised by the Levy is used to improve resources available to all children within our School community.

All assistance provided within the School community is both appreciated and recognised via the Levy Rebate Programme. Rebates are credited quarterly and cut off dates for the submission of Levy Rebate Cards are advertised in the School newsletter.


We are always looking for volunteers to help out at various activities and events at the School.  By volunteering, parents can earn the P & F Levy Rebate. Below is a list of some volunteer opportunities available:

  • In classrooms

  • At sports days

  • On excursions

  • In the libraries

  • At school camps

  • In sports coaching

  • At school discos

  • Helping to organise events

  • Gardening and maintenance

  • Traffic management in the school car parks

  • Administration support

  • Parent Classroom Co-ordinators

  • Being a P & F Committee member

For more information or to nominate to be a volunteer, please contact the P & F Administration Assistant.


Please note: When volunteering, parents are required to have their Levy Rebate Card dated and signed by a staff member or the P & F Administration Assistant for every hour of volunteer time contributed. 1 hour of assistance = 1 square (minimum of 30 minutes).


Parent Library

The School has a selection of books and CDs on parenting topics from popular speakers and authors that are available for parents to loan. Click here for a list of resources in the collection.


Loan requests can be sent via email to pf@petermoyes.wa.edu.au. The Parent Resource Library is mobile and moves around the School and is available for viewing at Connect Learn Engage Parent Seminars.Donations of parenting resources are warmly welcomed.


Primary School Class Coordinators

These coordinators organise a range of social events for Primary School families during the year such as morning teas, luncheons and dinners as well as get-togethers during the school holidays for children and parents at venues of interest, such as indoor bowling, skating, beach, park and more. Class Coordinators provide a valuable link between the P & F and Primary families and help to foster a sense of community that it is hoped will endure throughout each family’s time at the School.

Fundraising and Social Activities

The P & F organises a range of fundraising and social events. Working committees are formed for each event, drawing volunteers from the school community. Events include School discos, quiz nights, festivals, and a range of other exciting activities.

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