On Saturday, 26 October 2019, the ten year reunion for the graduating class of 2009 was held at the Indian Ocean Brewing Company, Mindarie. Approximately 35 former PMACS students attended the events, along with numerous current and former PMACS staff members.

The event was extremely successful and provided attendees with an opportunity to relax, reminisce and reconnect with one another. From the free-flowing conversations and enthusiastic atmosphere, it was clear the connection and sense of belonging to the PMACS community extends far beyond graduation and the campus grounds.

While many attendees are still connected to PMACS, many were interested in hearing about how the school has changed and expanded since 2009. Reverend David Deeny, who interestingly was not at the school in 2009, did a great job of promoting St Gregory‚Äôs Chapel as a fantastic venue for baptisms, weddings and other events. Other people discussed their careers, personal lives and how they
remain connected with PMACS. The cohort would like to thank the school and the Alumni Association for supporting the event. Caylem Weeks, Alumni Association Marketing & Social Media Coordinator, also generously gave up his time to take photographs and videos on the evening.

Leighton Henley (Class of 2009)