Sarah Howard (Class of 2006) has recently enrolled her daughter Bella into PMACS. We spoke with Sarah about the experience so far.

When did you attend PMACS?
2002 – 2006 (Year 8 – 12)

How did you decide which school to enrol Bella in?
Bella’s Dad and I both attended Peter Moyes and from our own experience, it’s a great school which has only grown since we finished in 2006.  The best thing I believe a parent can do for their child is provide them with a good education, so for me it was an easy decision.

When did Bella begin at PMACS? What year is Bella in now? How is Bella enjoying the School? 
Bella started at PMACS last year, in 2016 where she completed Kindy and she’s currently in Pre Primary.  She really enjoys going to school.  Her classroom is just beautiful and she loves her teacher Mrs De.  She had some homework for the first time the other day as she’s practising her reading and writing. I’ve never seen a kid so excited to get homework.  It definitely made me feel like we made the right choice in sending her to Peter Moyes.  We look forward to seeing what the future holds for her.

How has the School changed since you attended? What is the same?
The school is now twice the size it was when I attended.  It has many more buildings that benefit the children which will give them much more opportunity as they move into their later years of school.  Some things are still the same… I’ve bumped into a few of my old teachers who are still teaching there. Ms Harrison my art teacher and Ms Cook who used to teach Science.  She saw both Bella and myself and couldn’t believe how time had flown by.

Did you receive the priority enrolment?
Yes and I’m very thankful as it meant that we got the last available spot in Bella’s Kindergarten year.  I enrolled her when she was just a baby, however since the first available spots go to siblings to children who already attend the school – we were told that there was not enough availability in 2016 when Bella was due to start Kindy.  I had to pull the “Both of her parents graduated at Peter Moyes” card and it meant she got bumped up on the list and we got the last spot which was very lucky.

Can you tell us about the marketing material that Bella’s photo has been used for?
The photo of Bella in her school uniform with that massive grin on her face has been used on a banner which was placed on the school fence to advertise availability within the primary school.  Also to promote early learning programs on the Peter Moyes website.