The School is immensely proud of its 2020 Leavers.

The School strengthened its position as a school of choice in the broader local area. Whether it is in terms of providing a choice of successful pathways during Years 11 and 12, its consistently high Median ATAR or for the high percentage of students being accepted into their desired destination, either University, TAFE or employment, the 2020 Leavers delivered.

There were several ‘firsts’ produced by this cohort of students.

Of the Year 12 cohort approximately 20% gained an ATAR of 95 or above. It is the first group to have such a strong representation at this level. Now immortalised as a member of the Schools “95+ Club”, these 11 students are thoroughly deserving of the honour. Hard work, persistence, goalsetting and talent have combined, guided by the support and guidance from their Head of House, House Tutor and course teachers have enabled this cohort to shine.

It is notable to celebrate the achievements of two of this group. Daniel Holding and Joshua Melendez produced the two highest individual ATARs in the School’s history. An incredible achievement sets the boys up for any pathway they choose for their tertiary studies, as being among the best of the best.

Last year saw the first cohort of students who completed the UniPrep in Schools program. This allows a student to work as a university student to complete the so-called ‘bridging course’. This partnership programme with ECU delivers tertiary standard units and electives and in so doing gains a working knowledge of university systems and academic standards. They learn to navigate the student portal, called Blackboard, access academic texts to produce written assessments and meet university standards in all assignments and tests.  By learning the intricacies of how to survive first year university before starting their undergraduate year, UniPrep sees these students gain a huge advantage. UniPrep is starts in the latter half of Year 11 and is open to students on a General or ATAR. As an endorsed WACE course equivalent, students who pass this course not only gain an ATAR ranging between 70 and 82, but they are eligible to attend any university in Australia.

Of the students taking a General Pathway, 35 completed a Certificate course. The majority of these were at Certificate II level, with 4 gaining a Certificate III. This is a magnificent achievement with some of these delivered at School, other students were required to attend TAFE and or their workplace for one or two days a week. Time management and executive functioning skills are required to ensure that both schoolwork and TAFE commitments, including mandatory hours, are met.

Finally, last year saw the greatest number of Year 11 students – 16 – in the history of the School complete the accelerated Indonesian: Second Language. This programme is quite rare in Western Australian schools whereby students in Year 10 study the year 11 ATAR course and in Year 11 complete it by sitting the WACE examinations alongside the Year 12 cohort. By completing one WACE examination in Year 11, these students not only have ‘one in the bag’ towards their WA Certificate of Education as this course contributes to their ATAR the following year, Languages attracts a 10% bonus on a student’s final scaled score for that course. Historically for the School, those students who make up the accelerated cohort feature strongly in those achieving the highest ATARs in Year 12. The students benefit from learning in Year 11 what it is required to be successful in Year 12. They also benefit from the requirement of studying 4 ATAR courses in Year 12, giving them more time to devote to their remaining ATAR courses in Year 12.

The School congratulates our 2020 Leavers and wishes them all the best in the next phase of their life after PMACS!

Natalie Shaw

Associate Principal Senior School