On Monday 9 November, the 2021 Student Leadership Team were invited to a day at Joondalup Resort for a Leadership Symposium. It allowed the 2021 student leaders to meet with each other, along with several members of staff, to create a collaborative space to put forward and discuss ideas to implement for 2021. In addition to this, a number of the staff members who hold leadership positions within the School and past student leaders who were kind enough to offer advice and recommendations about how to approach the coming year. 

As a leadership team, we had discussions on a variety of events such as the forthcoming Year 12 Ball, along with ideas and initiatives to introduce for House activities, Carnivals, Mental Health Awareness Days, Charity Days and the Leavers Banner. We were treated to a delicious morning tea and lunch after which we broke off into small groups to brainstorm ideas before presenting our group's ideas to the rest of the leadership team and staff. 

As a leadership team, we decided that the focus for next year and the legacy we want to leave behind is a sense of 'Togetherness' as during the day we felt inspired by discussing ways to bring this to light and make next year the best it can be for everyone. 

On behalf of the 2021 PMACS Student Leadership Team, I'd like to thank Mrs. Swain for arranging the day, the PMACS Alumni for coming to speak with us, and all other staff members who offered their contributions, advice and best wishes. 

Written by Tylah Gaensler and Ruby Leggett