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A Message from the Associate Principal of Primary School

We have had a super 2018! The community spirit is very dear to my heart and it has been wonderful to see the many events where our whole community has been actively involved. Here is a bit of a quick reflection of the year.

We have been developing Inquiry across the Primary School because of the benefits that it creates for our students:
• Raises student engagement, motivation and ownership of learning
• Ensures that children’s learning meets, and exceeds curriculum standards
• Creates deeper learning and understanding
• Supports children’s curiosity, thereby enhancing learning and wellbeing
• Enhances success skills for the twenty first learner
• Invigorates and motivates 

Learning opportunities in our classrooms extend from student-driven learning to more formalised, explicit and teacher-led activities.
Valuing our parent community is always an important priority. We are proud of the fact that we have a wonderful relationship with our parents who have forged strong connections and relationships with our staff. Research has demonstrated the profound benefits for students, families and schools when parents become active participants in their child’s education. 

In 2018, we introduced a number of ways to improve our teaching and learning. As part of our ongoing refection and review, we conducted a questionnaire that was sent out to our Primary parent community. This has provided us with valuable feedback to enable us to consider in the future.

Greatness has been achieved in many parts of our Primary School this year! We won the NIPSSA Athletics; we were the 2018 Primary Cross Country overall Champion School in the state, the 2018 Cluedunnit Champion School, winners of the Tournament of Minds State Champions for STEAM and State Creativity Award for Tournament of Minds as well as Florey becoming the first time winners of the Inter house swimming. These are just a few of our Primary highlights!

Dynamic Staff are a vital part of our Primary School and our teachers have kept the year busy and active. The year began with the following new staff members joining our school: Mrs Kate Gair, Mrs Katrina Jordan and Mrs Laura Cosnett. These fine teachers have made an outstanding contribution during the year and worked quickly to become a part of the Primary team. We had also welcomed back from Maternity Leave Mrs Harris to Year 6. Mr Scott Horrigan and Ibu Bell both had long Service Leave this year with Mrs Amanda Chila and Ibu Fransisca Smith covering their roles. We will be saying good-bye to Miss Lucinda Williams who goes on Maternity Leave at the end of the year. We wish her many blessings in her new role as mother and appreciate the work she has done in our School. Mrs Hocking and Mr Patel have both added babies to their families – which is wonderful news!

Purposefully planned extra curricula activities have kept our Primary School very busy!  We began with the Gold Coast Commonwealth Queens Baton Relay, we had the Swimming Carnival Victory, a National Tree planting event, a Mother’s Day Morning Tea, the IPSHA Ecumenical Service, Piano Competition, Lion King Junior extravaganza, numerous Author Visits, Instrumental Concerts, a Speakers Challenge, Peter Moyes Day, the States Cross Country, NIPSSA -3rd Place for Interschool, our Athletics Carnival, the ASC Concert, the ASC Eucharist. 

Let us take a breather! Also winning NIPPSA Athletics, hosting the awesome Science Fair, doing well in the Academic all Stars, hosting a Student Leaders Day was a hit, the Coral Concert was a singing extravaganza and was amazing and the Visual Arts exhibition was visually delightful. Recently the EDU Dance smashed it, the Year 6 Market Day blew the record, and the finale in closing the year with our Nativity and Carol evening and Year 6 Graduation and Presentation ceremonies. 

Engagement of our students is what we desire for in our Primary School. The smiles, the laughter and growth we have seen in our students is so encouraging. Our focus always is ensuring that we balance academic rigor with social and emotional wellbeing.

Readiness for the future is important, and I commend our wonderful community of dedicated teachers, education assistants and administration staff who live out their roles in serving our School community and preparing your child for the years to come. It has been a whirlwind of activity, busyness and achievement. 

A number of families who have had a long and fully committed history with the Primary School even before my time began will be sadly leaving us this year as their last child moves across to the Middle School. We are so blessed with the number of stalwart families that support our School that we are going to miss their presence in Primary and contribution given over the years.

May the love and hope of Christmas be known to you all.

Mr Roderick Wood, Associate Principal – Primary School