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A message from the Associate Principal - Senior School

Senior School End of Year Greeting

The end of the year for the Senior School always seems to be fast and extremely busy!

After examinations are completed, returned and results are analysed, for Year 11 students, it is straight into their Year 12 courses. For Year 10 students, once their examinations are completed, the students take either on Work Experience or Peer Support training. The energy and buzz of students interacting and working together on the PSP training activities provides us with optimism for the student leaders in the future.

There are several of staff leaving the Senior School at the end of this year. From the English Department, it is thank you and farewell to Ms Sharon Marwick. In Mathematics, Mr Ian Todd. From the Science Department, Ms Fiona May. From the Chaplaincy, Rev Linda Pilton. In addition, we bid farewell to Mr Peter Byrne, Ms Natalie Potts and Mrs Nicole Jackson. Your contributions in your learning areas, as well as in the pastoral care of our students has been significant. On behalf of the students, I wish you well as you begin a new chapter away from Peter Moyes.

On behalf of the Senior School teachers and support staff, I wish all of our students and their families a safe, joyous and restful break. We look forward to 2020 and the new opportunities that it brings.

Natalie Shaw
Associate Principal - Senior School