Senior School Parent Tutor and Information evening

It was wonderful to see so many parents attend the recent Parent Tutor and Information evening held in the Senior School building last week.

Apart from parents having the opportunity to speak with their child’s House Tutor, I had the privilege of sharing information about the structure of the Senior School, its focus and the importance of the three-way partnership that operates to maximise the potential of each student in Years 10 to 12.

Brief guide for all successful students

Attend every class on time with required materials

Engage in lessons, contribute in class and ask questions

Effectively use Academic Tutorials

Complete independent component of learning; including practise of past papers under timed conditions

Devise & follow a study plan

Summarise, revise, review (weekly!) to minimise the effect of the ‘forgetting curve’

Demonstrate self-discipline & self- respect in personal presentation

Interact with their peers and teachers in a thoughtful and considered manner

Demonstrate responsibility, respect and teamwork for the best academic success

Two key events in the Senior School calendar

Two important events were flagged for every parent’s diary

Y12 Valedictory Activities in Term 4 Week 1, including Leavers Assembly, Valedictory Chapel, High Tea and the Valedictory Evening

Prize Giving & Presentation Evening – 2 December which is a combined event for students in Y10, Y11 & Y12     


Important mindset for ATAR Pathway students

Some important details were shared with Year 12 ATAR Pathway students in mind.                                                           

The final scaled score for each course is based on a student’s rank within the course, their marks relative to all student marks in all other courses and the ability of each student to replicate their school-based course mark with their WACE exam mark

The significance of this is that for every student, every school-based course mark and every WACE exam mark counts in every course, not just the four best WACE exam marks. 

General Pathway & ATAR Pathway students

ATAR Pathway students are recommend to take 5 ATAR courses in Year 12. This is because every WACE exam performance can be unpredictable. Students should be aiming to achieve 65% for each of their courses.

General Pathway students should aim to achieve ‘A’ & ‘B’ Grades for the competitive advantage if entering TAFE or UniPrep completion. All students taking a Certificate course should maximise the ‘C’ Grade equivalences provided from their completion. The Grades are spread over Year 11 and Year 12 and add to their WASSA Graduation.

Students especially in Years 11 and 12 are recommended to become familiar with the Student Portal" class="redactor-linkify-object">

Subject selection advice for Year 10 and Year 11 students

Your child should choose courses they enjoy and  in which they have had proven success, work collaboratively with peers, follow the sage advice from their  teachers in maximising feedback and plan for successful post-secondary schooling by selecting realistic subjects for their individual abilities.

Parents have a major role to play in their child achieving their academic potential

Parents should aim to provide a calm & organised environment which includes an explicit routine for the independent component of learning.

Maintain our combined and successful three-way partnership and communication that occurs between home, the School and your child.

Encourage for your child to maintain a balanced diet, a regular sleep pattern and a balance of study, sport, paid work, social time.

On behalf of the staff in the Senior School, all the teachers look forward to working with your child Your support of the School is essential, and we value the trust that you have placed in us as we work with your child to achieve their potential.

Mrs Natalie Shaw
Associate Principal Senior School