COVID -19 and its subsequent restrictions and impact has peppered much of the talk in the media this term. Its effect has been felt in the way that it has affected much of the usual practices of the School. We are fortunate that in the Senior School, the major ‘items’ of academic life in Term 2 have continued, albeit in slightly different timings than that which we promoted at the start of the year.

Examinations are a feature of Term 2. Year 12 examinations were conducted at a similar time as expected – SCSA does not compromise much – even during pandemics! Usually, the Year 11 examinations are held concurrently with the Year 12 examinations. Not so this year; they were held two weeks after those of the Year 12.

SCSA surprised all of us and set the deadline for the completion of Year 12 ESTs towards the end of Term 2, rather than its proposed earlier time in Term 2. So it was that we saw the ESTs written by all our Year 12 General Pathway students during the (re-scheduled) Year 11 examinations weeks. 

To acknowledge the affect of Distance Learning may have had on the comprehensive learning for some of our Year 10 students, their examinations were held during the last days of Term 2. Again, normally, these would have been held a little earlier.

In education circles, a common catchcry was to create a degree of ‘agility’ to the processes within a School. I am pleased to see that agility has been the case when I reflect on the way in which this Term 2 progressed. We were unable to have the usual parent-teacher evenings, subject selection information evenings, career expos or guest presenters. The agility in action saw the creation of a virtual career expo, the production of over 50 subject selection videos and the running of the House cross-country held (thankfully, on a sunny) day for each Year group in Week 9!

When we return to School, after a well-earned break, Term 3 will see a greater return to normalcy, with the WA State Government granting gatherings of sizes that are more in keeping with the needs of a school such of ours. It will be a welcome sight to see our students gather once more in this way.

My warmest wishes to all our families for a safe and restful break.

Natalie Shaw
Associate Principal Senior School