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A Message from the Primary School Associate Principal

A warm ‘welcome back’ to our existing families, and a very warm welcome to those families who have joined our School community this year. Our smooth start to the year has continued, and it has been a joy to see so many healthy, smiling and positive faces as the children walk through the doors each morning. This year we have been joined by a record number of new families participating in our Play Group mornings each Wednesday.

In the last couple of weeks many of you have taken up the opportunity to meet with your child’s/children’s teacher. This is highly important for you, so that you are able to touch base on anything that you feel your child’s teacher should know so as to allow for the best success possible for the year ahead. This is your opportunity to advocate for your child in what works best or what doesn’t work. We really do desire for effective two-way communication throughout the year to kick-off strongly and give you the confidence that your child’s teacher is aware of everything that they need to know about your child. 

Uniform – There seems to still be some confusion as to the correct shoes to wear in the Lower Primary. Please click here for the Policy regarding shoes and uniform related requirements. Mary Jane style shoes are not part of our School Uniform and never have been but for some reason they still keep appearing! Girls, that wear earrings need to ensure that they do not wear anything but plain studs and sleepers. All hair accessories must be in the School colours.  We are as a whole School, tightening up on uniform standards. Please preview the link attached as to what the dress codes are for your child or children is each sub-school.

Uniform Requirements List

Another reminder re Parking – Could families who have children in Pre-Kindy, Kindergarten and Pre-Primary you may park on the Western Side of the Primary School. All other parents please keep to other parking areas around the school. We are very aware that drop offs and pickups are challenging at the best of times, but please can we continue to be patient and generous of spirit when other car parkers do the wrong thing!

Please remember to encourage your child to apply sunscreen just prior to coming to school. This can be ‘topped up’ at school, as we have sunscreen readily available in each classroom and at Physical Education classes.

As you may have experienced the previous Tuesday night, we had torrential rain that hit the Mindarie/Quinns area after 4.30pm. We had some major excitement with rain pouring in the inside of the Upper Primary central area. A number of staff and parents were on site to help rescue what we could to minimise the water damage. Our amazing cleaning staff were able to an incredible effort to remove most of the water that had entered inside the Primary School. Our School’s Insurance have made an assessment of the damage and we will be putting in place a schedule and timeframe of what repairs are required and when this will happen. You will notice already that a lot of the carpet has been lifted and new flooring will be laid over the next school holiday period. Check out the photos below!

We are very delighted to have a continued partnership with Edith Cowan University and the Association of Independent Schools of Western Australia with the Amplify Project that focussed on a process of exploration in our Primary School. It presented a case-study on what we have done in the area of how we do ‘Inquiry’ in our School. We are thrilled to have what we do in our Primary School both recognised by Edith Cowan University and with AISWA.

Our Year 2 classes have a big focus on Nurture through Nature, and both Mrs Gair and Mrs Hocking have used a local business to create a visual emphasis that enhances their focus with 8 photos inside each lens from the local environment in the Quinns Beach area. ‘Look deep into Nature and you will understand everything’ is the wonderful message being promoted. Year 2 have lots of exciting things planned in their Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden and if you are able to volunteer your time to help out on Friday mornings, you are more than welcome. Check out the photo below!

Right from the start of the year, a community health nurse, screens all students’ in Kindergarten and some in Pre-Primary with their vision and hearing. In 2020, our community nurse is Marie Hobson and will be in the Primary School most Thursday mornings. This is partly funded by the Department of Education WA. Occasionally we may seek your permission to check the vision or hearing of an older child. Families of younger children will be advised when she is visiting the school to undertake screenings.

Sometimes it can be difficult as the parent to know who to approach the school if things are not going smoothly or as well as expected. As you know, children can often become more easily upset if they are tired or coming down with something and are unwell; even when their closest friend is away can be upsetting or when they say, ‘She’s not my friend anymore, because she played with…’. Children are learning to manage their emotions and those of their peers and learning to read and navigate a range of social perspectives is hard going as a child, let alone as an adult! Our role is to work together to help unpack these situations, offer alternative ways of seeing a situation and build their resilience to bounce back from what ever it might be.

If there are concerns with your child, we have a wonderful team of staff to help you with this. Mrs Brown is the Dean of Students and our Counsellors, Mrs Lucy Hinson and Mrs Michelle Pestel share in this role.

We are here to support your child through the highs and knocks that life can sometimes throw at us. Should anything significant occur in your family, even extended family (illness, separation, changes in employment etc) it is really helpful for us to know, so than we can monitor your child and support you as a family. It can also sometimes explain an out-character upset or outburst. If I have not met you, please introduce yourself to me! I wish I could say I have learnt every child’s name in the Primary School, but that would be a lie, but I do know most of them and am keen to know who their parents are too!

Happy middle of term week!

Mr Roderick Wood
Associate Principal - Primary School

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