On Tuesday 17th November nine Academic Extension students from Years 4, 5 and 6 participated in three teams at the Academic All Stars Contest against students from St James ACS, St Andrews Catholic Primary and St Francis of Assisi Catholic Primary.

The contest is designed as a fun but challenging day for the twelve teams, with a range of tasks covering Maths, Quizzles, English, Drama, Engineering, Geography, Brain Snacks, General Knowledge and History.

A highlight was the testing of the Engineering task, for which the teams had to design and construct a table made solely from two newspapers. The results were amazing, with one table supporting six dictionaries and nine bottles of water when it was tested!

The open ended Drama challenge on the theme of water resulted in educational and entertaining presentations featuring diverse concepts such as micro-plastics, beach safety, climate change, pollution and over fishing. Some of the dramatic techniques were hilarious!

Our students were thrilled to win the top performing overall school trophy and one of our teams, the Bushy Eyebrows, were third placed overall.

Thanks to Mrs Cormack who assisted as a parent helper on the day and congratulations to our students for making the event such an interesting day and for representing the school in such a stellar manner.

Year 4: Connor Fernback, Cassie Joyce and Namatai Gohwa

Year 5: Ruth Duuring, Sophie Burrows, Joshua Williams

Year 6: Jacob Cowap, Isabelle Curtis, Rachel Cormack