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ACC Athletics ‘A’ Division Carnival 2019

The ACC ‘A’’ Division Athletics Carnival is the pinnacle of the School’s Sporting Calendar. To finish with the 3rd place overall is a huge achievement and a testament to the students, staff and coaches who have been preparing for this day over the last 6 weeks. We continue to build our reputation as a school of sporting excellence competing against schools with significantly higher student populations. I would like to congratulate each member of Athletics Squad who competed at the ACC ‘A’ Division Athletics Carnival in week 9.

The ACC Athletics Squad did themselves, their School, and their coaches proud and I am confident that with the culture within the Squad, we will be highly competitive once again in ‘A’ Division in 2020. All our student athletes exhibited our ACC core values of ‘Hardwork, Dedication and Ambition’ and the commitment, cohesiveness and spirit of our students is reflected in the consistently high level of performance not only this year but the last five years.

For most of the day the School battled for third or fourth position with Newman College and Corpus Christi; however, we were able to pull away during the 400m events and thanks to some excellent work with the baton during the relay were able to secure third place. Every single student involved, whether they competed in one or five individual events or were a travelling reserve who was called upon or who were acting as a Student Official were integral parts of the Squad and shared equal importance in the Squad’s success.

Overall Scores

Place               School                                    Points

1st                   Sacred Heart College               1793

2nd                  Chisholm College                     1660

3rd                   Peter Moyes ACS                     1557

4th                   Corpus Christi                          1527

5th                   Newman College                     1524

6th                   John Septimus Roe                 1433

7th                   Mazenod                                 859

8th                   Mercedes College                    823

9th                   St Brigids                                 798

10th                 CBC Fremantle                        762

When the ‘Virtual Carnival’ results are released which combine the results of the 77 ACC Schools, representing over 48,000 students, I am hopeful that the School will rank amongst the Top 5 Co-Educational Schools in Perth for Athletics. We will recognise Sports Colours, Sports Honours, ACC Letters, and potentially ACC Letters awards early in Term 4.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the following parents who volunteered as ACC officials on the day;

·         Joanne Woolley

·         Craig McCorkindale

·         Jeffrey Woodman

I would also like to add a special thanks to the following alumni who have assisted coaching our student athletes over the course of Term 3.

·         Savannah Steinbach    Alumni

·         Delaney Smith             Alumni

·         Seth Adams                 Alumni

·         Raj Suresh                   Alumni

·         Caitlin Chase               Alumni

Without their assistance these events would not be able to run successfully & your help & support is was very much appreciated.

The H&PE department and Mr. Phil Carr were equally invested after the many hours spent preparing the squad at training and continue to work together to get the best out of the students. The success of the team is determined by the hard work and dedication of the whole school community.

All results can be found on the ACC Website by following the link below;

Should you son or daughter wish to continue with Athletics during the Summer Season, please look to become involved with the Ridgewood Little Athletics Centre who are currently taking registrations for the forthcoming Summer Season:

Mr Patrick Squire
Acting Director of Inter School Sport

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