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​Acting Associate Principal – Middle School

‘Time flies when you are having fun’ is the old adage that has been told to young people by parents and grandparents; however, when it is the students themselves who feel that time is passing by quickly, then it must be! The end of the year has arrived swiftly and I am sure that for all parents, it does not seem that long since the start of the year. The Year 7 students commented on how quickly their year had passed as we re-roomed them out of the Year 7 area to make way for the 2019 Year 7 students on their Transition Day. The Year 9 students could hardly contain their surprise at how much they had changed when their Year 9 Camp video was interspersed with photos of themselves on Year 7 and Year 8 Camp!

Therefore, as we travel at a fast rate towards the end of the year, and a period of rest and relaxation for our students, it is time to reflect on student success and achievement, whatever that might look like for each individual student. As the end of this year approaches and a new year is ready to begin, I would encourage all students to think about what they would like next year to be for them.

My wishes for our students are these; I hope that the holidays will be time shared with family and friends, whether that be here or away and I hope that each student gets time to pause and appreciate the now. Whatever the holidays looks like in each of our students’ homes, I hope they are mirrored by the peace and joy of the festive season and wish all our Middle School families a very blessed Christmas and a happy healthy New Year.