Well what a year. This event was cancelled in June. But by popular request we aimed to squeeze it in; and albeit a few bands short, we did. We had bands from four ASC schools, namely Peter Moyes ACS, St James ACS, Swan Valley ACS and St George’s AGS. We played 24 rock songs from 12:20 to 2:40pm. Schools had been hoping and looking forward to having a chance for their bands to play; and parents teared up – for the right reasons!

Thank you to Year 7s and 8s and their teachers for adding to our audience. Great to see the good number of students who came in during lunchtime. A huge thanks to the Year 6s and their teachers who really added to the fun with dancing, and conga lines. Thanks to the ASC schools, their students and teachers. Especially thank you to Sheena’s team who fed our guest teachers, Carl Ford and his lights and sound team who did a great job, and Aaron Graham who handled the multitude of instruments on stage.

Mr Justin Tonti
Music Teacher