Held in Term 3, the AMC offers an engaging 30-problem competition that demonstrates the importance and relevance of mathematics in students’ everyday lives. Our top mathematicians from Year 7 to Year 12 were selected to participate in this online competition. We are please to announce that the following students achieved a High Distinction, placing them in the top 2% in the State of Western Australia in their age group, an incredible achievement:

·        Daniel Holding (Year 12)

·        Dion Gilling (Year 8)

Congratulations also goes to the following students who received a Distinction:

·        Ethan White (Year 11)

·        Ellie Lyons (Year 11)

·        Bobby Yang (Year 10)

·        David Berry (Year 10)

·        Rory Coplin (Year 9)

·        Tyler May (Year 9)

·        Samuel Waddell (Year 9)

·        Abby Snowball (Year 9)

·        Ryan Prendergast Demunck (Year 9)

·        Bailey Holding (Year 9)

·        Marcus Manganaro (Year 9)

·        Tommy Yang (Year 8)

·        Mitchell Bennett (Year 8)

·        Jack Slade (Year 8)

·        Dermott Arthy (Year 7)

·        Kate Collins (Year 7)

·        Sienna Dawe (Year 7)

·        Isabella Toovey (Year 7)

This is the best set of results that the School has had in this competition and I look forward to tracking these fine mathematicians to see what they will achieve in future years.

Certificates will be given out in an assembly in Term 4.

Wendy Hurst

Head of Mathematics