The Senior School students were treated with the return of three of our top 2020 Leavers.

Daniel Holding, Ryan Willis and Christelle Robbetze returned to give some of their pearls of wisdom regarding how they balanced a rigorous study routine with the down time required to maintain positive wellbeing.

During the Assembly Grace Foster, Head Girl and Will Hodgson, Head Boy quizzed the three alumni in a question/answer panel style segment.

Although each had differences in their own preferences to their success, there were some commonalities. All expressed the importance of being organised and writing past papers for their teachers to mark. It was important for them to remove all distractions, such as mobiles and television, prioritising sleep, rewarding themselves after blocks of study with down time such as socialising with friends and sport. All three benefited from utilising their time in House Tutorial and Study Group effectively.

Christelle found that she needed some quiet music in the background to help her focus, but Daniel and Ryan preferred to concentrate on their study in quiet surroundings.

Whichever methods the three used, all were extremely successful. Ryan and Daniel are studying at UWA. Christelle is taking a gap year. Always super organised, she is enrolled in an online Diploma for the first half of the year and then will study UniPrep in the second half of the year for 2022 entry.

As a result of his impressive ATAR, Daniel was offered a scholarship at UWA automatically; however, he urged the Year 12s to look at university websites early in the year for scholarship information, as these are usually published around May. 

It was clear to see that Daniel, Ryan and Christelle have developed into young adults who are equally confidently humble and practical in their outlook, presentation and interactions. As school students, they were always fine ambassadors of PMACS. However, the Assembly audience were reminded about how these three exemplary products of Peter Moyes Anglican Community School will continue to shine in their chosen fields.

Congratulations Daniel, Christelle and Ryan!

Natalie Shaw
Associate Principal Senior School