The commissioning of the 2020 House Captains in Year 9 and Year 12 took place in Assemblies to start their year of service. The twenty students acknowledged and accepted the responsibility and privilege that goes with such a position and pledged to uphold the School Values. They also committed to serving the School and wider community with fairness and honesty, working diligently and striving for personal excellence in all they do. The House Captains were democratically elected by Year 6-12 students at the end of last year and are already demonstrating competency in their roles. Staff are looking forward to working with them this year and thank them in advance for the roles and responsibilities they will undertake.

The 2020 House Captains are:

Year 9                                                                                     Year 12

Cuthbert – Tina Ly and Reece Martin                                    Hannah Sivic and Dane Lines      

Durack – April Gomm and Thyas Constantine                       Chloe Archer and Amelia Mason

Florey – Nicolien Swart and Heinrich Windt                           Kayla Elieff and Paris Rive

Hollows – Anya Daglish and Ryan MacDonald                     Christelle Robbetze and Daniel Holding

Lingiari – Lylah Ettia and Harrison Wheatley                         Chloe Kolzan and Kerr Hutchinson