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​Connect, Learn, Engage Parent Seminar – Term 1

Elevate Education presented a study skills information session to parents on 1st April 2019.

The presenter, Hudson, talked about the importance of time management and the necessity of having a study timetable. He advised that the things the students love to do are added first. Following this times for study are added in 45 minute blocks, leaving at least 10-15 minute breaks in between each block of study.

Hudson explained the three types of work/study that have been found to be most beneficial. 

1. Practice questions/papers
2. Taking notes during the term (not cramming before a test), and focussing on questions they have no idea about.
3. Extra reading/specific tasks about the topic being studied

In summary, his recommendations were:

• Short, sharp 30 minute study sessions each night
• Make sure you set achievable tasks
• Work in study groups, this reduces the workload, but hold each other accountable 

Hudson finished by explaining how critical parents’ role was. There is evidence to say that the more active parents are the better the children’s results will be.

Written by Mrs Nicole Brown, Deputy Associate Principal - Primary School