Daniel Holding, our highest achieving ATAR student in 2020, achieved an ATAR result of 99.90. This is an unprecedented result for Peter Moyes Anglican Community School. This amazing result was partly due to his success in both Mathematics Methods and Mathematics Specialist, both courses adding an extra 10% of the course result to his final score.

 Daniel achieved a final result of 94% in Methods and 100% in Specialist, earning himself a Subject Certificate of Excellence in Specialist. There were only 2 such certificates awarded last year, and we are very proud that a student from Peter Moyes Anglican Community School was awarded this prestigious certificate in recognition of his excellence in Mathematics.

We contacted Daniel to find his secret to success in Mathematics:

1.      Congratulations on your WACE achievements. What are you doing in 2021?

“This year I am studying a Bachelor of Philosophy at UWA with a major in automation and robotics. I decided to do this as I have always been interested in the growing industry of automation, and the Bachelor of Philosophy allows me to be more focused on research in this field.”

2.      What do you think you did to achieve these excellent results in you mathematics courses?

“I believe my secret to success in Year 12 was ensuring I had covered every one of the syllabus dot points in detail. I also made sure that I kept a book to review the concepts I had learnt that week and made sure to keep up to date with older concepts from the beginning of the year.”

3.      What advice would you give other aspiring mathematics students?

“My biggest piece of advice is to seek out difficult practice questions that really test your conceptual understanding and they also encourage the problem solving techniques required to ace the hardest questions in exams. Additionally, I would recommend completing as many practice exams as possible as these will improve your confidence. Aim for scores higher than you think you can achieve, and you will likely surprise yourself.”

We wish Daniel all the best in his current studies and thank him for his advice and insight on how to achieve excellent result in Mathematics.

Wendy Hurst
Head of Mathematics