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Dog Companion Trial in Senior School

The Senior School is excited to offer an innovative addition to the pastoral care of students in our Senior School. Skye, an 18-week-old German Shepherd, has been welcomed as a puppy buddy for students and staff for the purposes of enhancing wellbeing in our school.

Students have been made aware of the best way to approach and interact with Skye and there are guidelines in place for this. Skye has completed two training courses at the RSPCA. She is now participating in ‘on the job’ training at the School.

Skye has been welcomed by students and staff into classrooms and House tutorials and she has been quite the photographic model, with resounding choruses of ‘She’s so cute’ as many photos have been taken of her. Students have responded positively to Skye, chatting to her and each other about their dogs and generally interacting in ways they would not otherwise have the chance. The whole level of the room when Skye is present is elevated and positive as students interact with each other and Skye.

The School is exploring the ongoing effectiveness of having Skye interacting with our students, and welcomes any feedback from parents and students on this initiative.

In rare instances, the presence of a dog can adversely affect allergy sufferers. In addition, some children may have an intense fear of dogs due to a traumatic incidence in the past. If this is the case with your child, please advise the Counsellor. seniorschoolcounsellor@pmacs.wa.edu.au

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