Matilda Agnew Year 12 has competed in several Equestrian Interschool Competitions with the School colours being worn by both Matilda and her beautiful horse, "Limestone Park Good as Gold" aka Mya.

In early October this year, she competed in the Saddles plus Interschool Equestrian Festival 2020. Interschools is where equestrians compete for their school in the disciplines of show jumping, eventing, show horse, dressage and vaulting.

Matilda competed in the Dressage section of the competition, where I rode in two tests, which are time limited to about 5-6 minutes. Riders and their horse are to complete a pre choreographed patterned test comprised of different movements such as extended walk, working trot, working canter, extended trot, leg yield, extended canter and 15m canter circle, and more! The rating is out of a score of 10 for each movement, 1 being insufficient and 10 being perfect. The whole 6-minute pattered test needs to be remembered (or the rider is given penalties & eliminated). 

Matilda, while being nervous in the lead up to the event, had two huge extremely competitive classes. She was competing against national riders as well as the competition being in the indoor arena, which can be very scary for the horses, especially like Mya who is a comparatively young horse. Matilda was also competing against bigger and fancier horses.

Matilda writes of the event, “Mya and I managed to ride two nice tests, both a little tense but otherwise clean and neat, we made a small mistake in the second one but we recovered well, we managed a respectable 64.821% on our Prelim 1B and 5th place in the state and a consistent 63.897% for 7th place in the state. Both results I am extremely shocked and pleased about; the partnership I have with my pony is a very special one. I purchased her at 2.5 years old and broke her in myself. I then trained her up to where she is now all by myself. She has many state titles and she has taught me so much; she is now 5 years old and next year we will make our elementary debut (a level higher) which is an incredible accomplishment for a 5yo.”

Matilda found the Interschools an amazing event. She was so proud to be representing PMACS. This will be the last time that Matilda will compete at this level and for her School. We wish both Matilda and Mya the very best with future events.