It can be difficult during these interesting times to find enough material to keep our students reading when we can’t visit a physical Library. Although printed books are the most preferred and easiest way for teenagers to read, once they have exhausted their supplies in the home, where can they turn?  

Please find below some suggestions for where to find alternatives to physical books. 

  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Online encyclopedia- all PMACS students have access to World Book Online through the Library Portal and a Federated Search.
  • Recipes
  • Online poetry sites
  • Fan fiction
  • Manuals- from cars to computers and cameras
  • Blogs- great for reading about almost every topic you can think of 
  • Online books- try Google Books, or The Library of Congress for some Classic Reads. 
  • And some suggestions for not reading, but related to reading
  • Audible books- some have free access during the pandemic.
  • Book based movies
  • Online Author Interviews 
An alternative to reading is writing. Your children may wish to use to time to create material of their own- what better time for them to spend time interviewing family members for a collection of memoirs.