Darcie and I are thrilled to announce the 2020 Good Human Award recipient. As we have told you all throughout the year  the Good Human Award, is an award for the students chosen by the students which allows us to recognize a peer of ours who is always showing compassion and empathy towards others but isn’t always acknowledged for simply being a good human. Darcie and I were delighted at the quantity of nominations which we received which showed us the plethora of good humans in the senior school.  It was extremely difficult to pick just one good human for this award, however through serious deliberation we were to announce the winner of the 2020 Good Human Award

This year’s recipient is the kind of person who will always go out of her way to assist her peers whenever possible, and who often puts the needs of others before their own. They have demonstrated countless acts of both kindness and generosity during their years at Peter Moyes that although seemingly small, have not gone unnoticed nor will they be forgotten. 

Since joining the school in year four the recipient has taken a diligent approach to her studies and she quickly introduced us to her warm and bubbly persona that we all know and love. She has been known by her peers to instantly lift the mood of a room just by walking in, she always goes out of her way to smile as you walk past.

Without fail, she always keeps a positive attitude towards all aspects of her life and over the years she has shown countless examples of her deep empathy for others. This ability has allowed her to assist her peers to overcome disagreements while offering support and care. She is extremely supportive towards her peers and has been described as “a shoulder to lean on” by her peers. 

This year’s winner is not someone who is always recognized for their kind nature, however received a significant amount of nominations detailing her acts of kindness. One key act which was mentioned was the recipient’s act of always holding the door open for people whenever necessary. Another act mentioned was this Good Human helping individuals with their schoolwork

Therefore, is our pleasure to welcome Samantha Fischer to the stage to receive the Good Human Award for 2020. Congratulations Samantha!

Atharv Sinha and Darcie Mitchell
2020 Head Boy and Head Girl