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Governor's Prayer Breakfast

An early start to the day on Friday 6th of September, meeting at 5:55 at School to take the bus to Crown. There were only seven of us students, accompanied by teachers Mr Osman and Ibu Robinson. 

At around 7.00am, we arrived at Crown and had a swift stroll to the ballroom where the breakfast was held. We were greeted by Reverend Jean-Pierre at the entrance, all a little surprised to see him helping out. We were in awe, as the ballroom had transformed into a marvelous restaurant-like area. I don’t know what everyone else was expecting, but this was much higher than my expectations!

The table was already set with crockery, information booklets and pastries which we could help ourselves to. The ushers roamed around the room with unlimited pots of tea and coffee, which we all certainly needed! When everyone settled (which was over a thousand!) we listened to a brief introduction and the national anthem. The breakfast was wonderful, it consisted of a hot breakfast (egg, toast, bacon, sausage).

Then, after being offered more and more coffee, we listened to prayers. The event was concluded by the Governor himself, Mr Kim Beazley, schools lined up for a photograph with him. After a brief chat with the Governor, we were on our way back to School, with souvenir pens and memories to keep forever. 

A big thank you to Reverend Jean-Pierre for organising this event for us, and Mr Osman and Ibu Robinson for helping out on the day. Also to all the helpers at Crown, who made us feel very welcome, and served us delicious food.

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