We have begun a new inquiry into light and shadows. Some of our ‘big questions’ are ‘Where does light come from? How are shadows made? What makes a shadow long or short?’ 

We have loved being outside, playing in the rain. We have enjoyed picking the carrots and beans from our garden that we planted last term.

We are having fun with exploring visual numbers through different sensory experiences. We loved writing the number 2 using finger paint.

We are completing a project on our favourite authors. We explored Mem Fox, our favourite book “I am Australia too” led us to investigate Australia- where we also explored Indigenous Australians culture and created our own Kindy Community mural. We have also investigated Eric Clarle- practising our name writing in our own Very Hungry Caterpillar and making magic pictures inspired by the book ‘Mister Seahorse’.

We have loved performing puppet shows, building amazing creations with construction, hammering nails and wood on the tinkering table, and building up our strength and resilience on the outside obstacle course.