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Languages Afternoon

Language is critical to our identity and sharing our multicultural heritage: many cultures, many languages makes this world a much more interesting place

WA Languages Week is an opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of language learning. In PMACS we celebrated this on Friday 9th of August by having a Middle School Languages Afternoon. Students were allowed to wear white and red on the day to support the theme. 

The afternoon started with a Middle School Assembly by the Margie Exchange students from Surabaya, Indonesia and PMACS students. This showcased the talents of some of our students as well as those of the Exchange students who performed brilliantly. 

Following this, all MS students participated in various Indonesian activities for the rest of the afternoon. These activities included games such as sack races, marble spoon races, and Sepak Takraw (using a rattan ball) competition. A Gamelan Music workshop was provided and organised by the Indonesian Consulate. To supplement this a special Indonesian dance ‘Kuda Lumping’ was then taught by two of the Margie Exchange students. In addition, some other students designed Batik bookmarks in the Library and Year 9 students got the opportunity to design their own Calico Bags with the theme of ‘Sustainability in Diversity’ in order to raise awareness.

Our School canteen featured ‘Nasi Goreng’ on their menu that afternoon to support our theme. Our cooking rooms were also busy with students attempting to make their own Indonesian green pancakes called ‘Dadar Gulung’. 

The Languages Department was thrilled with the support and enthusiasm received from teachers and students for the afternoon. We take this opportunity to thank everyone involved for an overwhelmingly successful Languages Afternoon 2019 and look forward to more success in the future.  

Terima kasih,
Maya Swailes 
Head of Languages