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Middle School Honours Assembly

Our Term Three combined Middle and Senior School Honours Assembly was held in Week 9, before the Year 12 students left to start their Mock Examinations. As always, it was a celebration of student achievement. We celebrated the success of Conor Bennett, William Hodgson and Ryan Gilling in the Australian Mathematics Competition and Katrina Wyer for her outstanding artwork that has been chosen as a finalist for the Lester Prize for portraiture. We were also treated to a spectacular dance performance by two Year 9 students, Ayla Mitchell and Keira Lynch and staff and student musical talents were on display with ‘Musomix’ entertaining us as students entered the Auditorium, and then with a great rendition of ‘Crocodile Rock’ by Elton John. I had the privilege of announcing the two Honours Award winners, a prestigious award given to students who demonstrate the School Values and have particularly achieved their personal best. This term’s winners were Jenna Bronnum-Lee and George Brice (Yr. 9) who both demonstrate outstanding commitment to their studies and the wider School community.

The School Values Awards are given to any student who their Head of Year feel deserve recognition for demonstrating a particular School Value and we were delighted to present the Awards to following students:  

School Value Award

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Knowledge & Insight

Hayley Mann

Tyler May

Ben Kilgallon

Equality & Compassion

Lance Griessel

Kathleen Maloney

Kat Northall

Integration & Wholeness

Tyler Stein

Martino Bellu

Elizabeth Chalmers

Confidence, Competence & Responsibility

Kiana Jenkins

Ryan McDonald

Hazel Gathani


Lucy Oosterhoff

Erin Wilkinson

Jordan Kalejs

Ms Alison Grey
Acting Associate Principal - Middle School