This year the Year 11 General Outdoor Education class was fortunate enough to learn the skill of mountain bike riding. It is a fun and exhilarating sport, challenging the comfort zone for many people. Moreover, it is a sport that not many have experienced.

During our Day excursion we started the day off with a mountain biking orienteering course; we followed the map of Lake Leschenaultia and attempted to find all the correct numbers in an hour on the course. This put all our previous skills of orienteering into play. Once the orienteering course was complete or the hour was completed, we then stopped for a food break and the group split into two groups. We then went on to two different mountain biking courses: the green and blue.

The green mountain biking course was for individuals who are new to mountain biking or who are less experienced compared to the blue mountain biking trail. The green course had a few turns and rocks to go over and provided just enough challenge for those students who chose this course. The blue course involved some technical aspects including jumps and balance beams.

The day concluded after several runs on various trails, and we packed up and went back to School. We all enjoyed the day and are looking forward to our tow night mountain biking camp in week 5.