During Week 2 and 4 of Term 4 the Year 10’s attended their well anticipated camp to Dwellingup. We arrived at Dwellingup and split off into two groups. Our Camp consisted of Rogaining where we had to run around Dwellingup in search for controls placed in various places, an 11km hike from Dwellingup to Baden Powell, a trip to the Tree Top High Ropes where we had three hours to complete as many courses as we could and finally some team building activities devised by partners to present to other peers. The team building was a fun way to get people working with each other and was a perfect opportunity to show our leadership skills. During these activities we had some spare time where we were allowed to swim in the river, sunbath on the rocks, kick the footy, play cards and chill by the fire.  

Year 10 Outdoor Education camp was a fantastic experience where we were given some independence to look after ourselves and it was the perfect opportunity for us to bond with our peers. We look forward to seeing what Year 11 Outdoor Education has to offer.