Hopefully by now you have all taken the opportunity to register for ParentTV.

If not, please go to www.parenttv.com/membership and enter the school code ‘moyes’.

From here you will be able to set up an account.

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Just for Parents - Resource Support Pack for Covid-19

We have found some great resources on the current Coronavirus pandemic that you may find useful.


Moving from Coronavirus anxiety to effective action – Jodie Lowinger, Clinical Psychologist

How to recognise and alleviate stress and anxiety

Coronavirus for parents – Jason Gibson, Behaviour Specialist

Practical tips on how to manage this time with your children

Anxiety and the Coronavirus – Nathan Wallis, Neuroscience and Child Development Educator

How to help your kids build resilience

Questions from Kids about Coronavirus Answered – Jason Gibson, Behaviour Specialist (Series of 5 videos)


I don’t know what’s going on and it feels scary.

Will my grandparents be Ok, I’m worried about them?

Why are my parents saying I can’t go to a party?

Why do I keep seeing adults acting mad or sad?

What can I do to help my family?

Questions from Tweens & Teens about Coronavirus Answered– Jason Gibson, Behaviour Specialist (Series of 4 videos)


Why won’t my parents leave me alone?

Why has my formal/prom been cancelled?

How do I get my siblings to stop getting on my nerves?

Why do I feel sad and tired all the time?

Just for Kids - holiday activities


Follow the link to find some cool things to do over the holidays or anytime that you need a break. These activities are designed for Primary School children; however, there are some that older children will enjoy. Activities include Breathing and Mindfulness; Yoga; Music; Songs; Play; Gardening, Stretching and Brain Buzzes.

We hope you utilise the wealth of parenting information and advice on this fantastic website. Remember that this is general advice only. Please take the bits that you think will work for your family and leave the rest. Just like no two children are alike, neither are two families exactly the same, what works in one household may not work in another.

However, there have been some key messages from the experts that are relevant to all.

They are:

  • Turn off the media (obviously stay up-to-date, but limit what the children hear)
  • Model resilience (stress that most people will be fine)
  • Take action (wash your hands regularly, stay home, enforce social distancing)

Finally, we are always willing to help you along your parenting journey in any way we can. Please do contact us via email nbrown@pmacs.wa.edu.au or agrey@pmacs.wa.edu.au.

Wishing you a blessed Easter and happy holidays.

Nicole Brown and Alison Grey
Deans of Students