Parenting through a global pandemic – do you feel out of your depth? Wish you had all (or at least some) of the answers?

Thankfully we have a great resource, free to Peter Moyes Anglican Community School families, that is invaluable in dealing with issues as they arise. ParentTV is a video streaming website that offers help and advice on those challenges we all face as parents of school aged children. The content is available any time of the day or night and is by recorded by trusted experts.

Go to and use the code ‘moyes’ to gain access to these fantastic resources.

Anxiety levels (in children and adults) are higher than usual, this is not only due to the global pandemic, but also a result of the racism and tragedies happening in the world. We are all so globally connected that our knowledge of world events (good and bad) is available at our fingertips, any time of the day or night. Some of our students have been deeply affected by anxiety and the racism and tragedies unfolding throughout the world. I recommend three resources on ParentTV that I have recently found helpful.

There is a 25 minute webinar titled ‘Anxiety in Children’ with Dr Justin Coulson. This great webinar will help you understand what anxiety is and how it impacts your kids. It will also help you to learn some strategies that can help children to respond well to anxiety.

Another video that I have found extremely relevant is ‘Help Explaining George Floyd’s Death & Why it Matters to your Kids’ by Jason Gibson and Dr Chris Townsend. This video explains the importance of having conversations with our children and advocating against social injustices.

Amanda from Kids Helpline discusses ‘What Counsellors Wish Parents Knew’ about kids and young people. She explains that kids don’t understand blame, their brains are still developing so they don’t have the ability to make decisions like adults do, and when mental health issues arise there are changes in the brain that makes it harder for someone to ask for help.

If you would like to find out more, please sign up for ParentTV and make the most of this fantastic resource.

Parent TV Topics

·        COVID-19

·        General Parenting

·        Behaviour

·        Technologies

·        Mental Health

·        Social Wellbeing

·        Friendship

·        Fostering/Adoption

·        Baby

·        Nutrition

·        Health

·        Breast/Bottle feeding

·        Education

·        Sleep

·        Developmental Milestones

·        Teens

·        Sexual Education

·        Safety

·        Developmental Conditions

·        Parenting Girls

·        Parenting Boys

·        Ask an Expert

·        Co-parenting

·        Single Parenting

·        Recipes

Year 2 Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Activities

Mr Wood, Mrs Brown and Mr Lomas have had the pleasure of assisting the Year 2 students and staff in the kitchen garden this term. There have been lots of composting, weeding, planting, tossing and raking, and Mrs Andrew has been busy cooking delicious foods in the kitchen with the students. Thank you to everyone involved, we have had an amazing time working with you. Next term, there will be the opportunity for parent helpers to participate, so if you would like to be involved keep a lookout for information from Mrs Gair and Mrs Hocking.

Holiday Activities

The stresses of the COVID-19 global pandemic and the unknown Distance Learning created a less than restful Term One break for all. We really hope that the Term Two holidays are more enjoyable and that you spend some time relaxing and recharging.

Here are some activities for the whole family to enjoy:

·        Enjoy trying a new recipe or cooking your favourite foods

·        Create a playlist of your favourite songs and enjoy listening to them

·        Watch something funny and enjoy how it feels to laugh

·        Make time to do something playful today, just for the fun of it

·        Take a walk in nature

·        Make a plan to do something fun with friends

·        Create a list of favourite memories you feel grateful for

·        Send a positive note to a friend who needs encouragement

·        Take a photo of something that brings you joy and share it

·        Find the joy in music today: sing, play, dance or listen

·        Take time to do something that makes you happy today

·        Share a happy memory with someone who means a lot to you

·        Write a thank you letter to someone

·        Find out about the values and traditions of another culture

·        Make someone laugh by sharing your favourite (or worst) jokes

·        Thank a friend for the joy they bring into your life

·        Learn a new skill

·        Build an indoor cubby with blankets and pillows

·        Stargazing

·        Exercise – walk, yoga, aerobics, bike ride, run, jog, swim

·        Listen to & make music

·        Play board games, card games

·        Complete a jigsaw puzzle

·        Listen to a podcast

·        Write or draw in a journal

·        Colour, Paint, Draw, create an artwork or craft

·        Go on a scavenger hunt – neighbourhood, rainbow, alphabet, number

Book Fun

·        Read an e-book

·        Read a book under a tree

·        Read to a pet

·        Read two books in a row

·        Write your own story

·        Read to someone over the phone

·        Listen to an audiobook

·        Take turns reading a page with someone

·        Read aloud in a silly voice

·        Recommend a book to a friend

·        Read a book in bed

·        Read a magazine or newspaper

·        Read poetry

·        Read a prayer or Bible verse/story

·        Visit the local library and chose a book to read

·        Read a graphic novel or comic strip

·        Read a book that has been made into a movie/TV series

Nature Parks to visit

·        Yanchep National Park

·        Whiteman Park

·        Hyde Park, Mt Lawley

·        Neil Hawkins

·        Yellagonga Regional Park

·        Lake Joondalup

·        Picnic Cove, Edgewater

·        Central Park Joondalup

·        Kings Park, West Perth

·        Secret Garden, Gwelup

·        Herdsman Lake, Herdsman

·        Greenmount National Park

·        Araluen National Park

·        Walyunga National Park

Jokes and Riddles to share

What happens when frogs park illegally?   They get toad

How does the sky pay its bills?   With a raincheck

What goes up but never comes back down?   Your age

Which building has the most stories?   A library

What did the math book say to the other books?    I’ve got problems

Why did the student eat his homework?     Because the teacher said it was a piece of cake

What is a snake’s favourite subject?   Hiss-tory

What animal cheats at exams?     Cheetahs

What is a pirate’s favourite subject?    Arrrrrrrt!

What do you get when you cross an insect with a rabbit?    Bugs Bunny

What did one banana say to the other?           Keep your eyes peeled

Why didn’t the skeleton want to play football?    Because his heart wasn’t in it!