Parent TV

As we approach the school holidays I would like to encourage all parents to log on to Parent TV and view one or more of their fantastic videos. Our Counsellors have suggested the following titles as ones that may be useful at this time of year.

  • How can I support my child as they transition between year levels at school? (Andrew Oberthur)
  • Why we need to become comfortable with conflict (Teacher Tom)
  • How can I ease my child's separation anxiety? (Maggie Dent)
  • Handling goodbyes/ separation anxiety at childcare or school (Dr Kaylene Henderson)

The school has paid for a subscription so all families can log in for free and view as many videos as you wish. To create your own log in just enter the school name and the password Moyes.

Additionally, here are some video suggestions relevant to the various Year levels/Learning Areas.

Guinnevere Bell – Indonesian Teacher

What Does a Neuroscience Expert Want His Grandchildren To Do To Boost Their Brains

Helping Kids Cope With Disappointment At School


Teaching Young Children To Use Their Words When They’re Upset

Early Childhood Language Development Red Flags At What Point Should Parents Seek Help


Building Confidence in Kids

How A Growth Mindset Can Be Developed Through Play

What It Means For Play to be Self-selected

Year 1

How Can I Support My Child as they Transition Between Year Levels at School

Year 2

When Kids Use Colourful Language

Let’s Get Practical About Having Expectations of Kids

Year 3

What Parents Need to Understand about Online Gaming

Common Contributors to Anxiety in Children

Year 4

When Children Tell Lies

When Kids are Mean – Relational Aggression

Year 5

Helping Your Child Regulate Their Emotions in the Playground

Fortnite, YouTube and Balancing Screen Time

Year 6

Helping Tweens Deal With Disappointment

How to Take Away Technology if it’s Becoming a Problem

Co-curricular Succulents Club

A big thank you to Mrs Paton, Mrs Pogson and the lovely ladies pictured below for their beautiful succulent arrangements that we are seeing around the Primary School.

Ignite Awards

Congratulations to our students who are working towards or have achieved Ignite Awards this year. The last Awards will be presented at our Primary School Presentation Assembly on Tuesday, 8th December.


During NAIDOC week our Primary School Student Leaders read Dreamtime stories and provided art activities using nature.  Year 4 student, Rylee Booth also taught us about standing up for what you believe in. Thank you to our Year 6 students for leading the way and helping us to expand our knowledge of the indigenous cultures of our Nation.

Odd Sock Day

Our final mental health awareness day this year was held on Friday 13th November. The Primary School was filled with children (and teachers) wearing colourful socks and crazy hair.

Odd Socks Day was designed to raise awareness and reduce the stigma of mental health issues. In terms that Primary School students can understand, it means that we recognise that everyone can have an odd day.

A big thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations to those who won a prize for the crazy hair styles.

World Kindness Day

World Kindness Day was also celebrated on Friday, 13th November. Our fantastic Primary School student leaders gave up their lunch time to provide craft activities in the library. I was so impressed with the cooperation, kindness and friendship demonstrated. Thank you to all who joined in and helped to spread the message that a little kindness goes a long way.

#worldkindnessday   #makekindnessthenorm

Moving On Up Day

On Tuesday, 24th November Primary School students participated in the annual Moving On Up Day. This involved a visit up to the next year level and an opportunity to learn about all of the exciting things that will take place in the following year. Whilst the children don’t go to the exact classroom and teacher they will have next year, they still have the opportunity to ask all sorts of questions.

Student Representative Council

Our second meeting of this term proved to be as successful as the previous ones. Watching students from each of the three sub-schools come together to problem solve and put their ideas into practice, using their voice to make the school a better place for all is truly inspiring. We thank all members of the inaugural SRC and look forward to welcoming the new committee next year under the leadership of our 2021 Head Boy and Girl.

Mrs Nicole Brown
Dean of Students - Primary School