The Physics Olympiad is a national competition, where students are selected after demonstrating a keen aptitude for Physics and the capability to apply their understanding to a range of diverse problems. The vast majority of students that are selected achieve high marks within the current syllabus.

The content of the questions is designed to apply their knowledge to problems that would be encountered at a University level.

Last year three students were selected to take part in the competition. Year 11 student, Daniel Holding, Joshua Melendez and Nathaniel Trew all received certificates in the Physics Australian Science Olympiad that placed them within the top half of all competitors.

Recently these students applied to enter the UWA Department of Physics’ “Year 12 Physics extension program” run in conjunction with the Science Teachers Association of Western Australia. This is selected from the top 30 students across the state. It was pleasing to see that two of them were selected for this and are currently completing a zoom session every week with Gareth Jay from the University of Western Australia, which they tell me is quite a challenge.

Congratulations to all of them on theses superb achievements!

Phil Carr

Physics Teacher