On Friday 14th February, the Humanities department was delighted to take sixty students to Portalworld in Joondalup for a reward excursion. Across Years 8 to 10, the top two students for Independent Study Quiz scores in each 2019 class were invited to enjoy virtual reality simulations and games.  I would like to acknowledge the following students for their achievement.

Year 8

Kennedy Piper, Mataya Beckwith

Celise Hall, Stephen Dawson

Bailey Thompson, Jack Slade

Sophie Byrne, Chloe Pogson

Anastasia Chapman,

Kyle Gibson, Ava Rancatore

Jessie Hinde, James Paizes

Lily Chambers, Teagan Edwards

Liam Ash, Brandon Roe, Jodie Smith

Max Dawe, Jessica Moss

Year 9

Iwan Scrivens, Lauren Adam

Yassin Aly, Izzy Dall

Heinrich Windt

Olivia Banks, Marcus Manganaro

Abbey Palmer-Smith, Brady Reynolds

Kate Hopkins, Paige Sayers

Noah Tullett, Ryan Walizada

Kruz Dawe

Rory Coplin, Samuel Waddell

Ava Temple, Holly Barrett

Year 10

Yudhir Boodhram, Laila Peacock

Luca Anderson, Kayden Vearing

Finn Hudson-Wood, Ethan Banks

Olivia Noble, Andre Reguero-Puente

Harry Buck, Caleb Janotka-Mitchell, Brandon Reece

Tristan Corlett, Ella Cowup

Blake Carstens, Max Erkan

Elissa Ford, Freddie Lee

Erynn Morrissey, Mack Annett

For the students, this was a wonderful achievement and the Humanities staff is very proud of their diligence, endeavour and willingness to embrace an independent study culture. Developing such attitudes to school and life-long learning is a highly prioritised objective for the Humanities Department. We would also like to recognise the support and involvement of parents in this initiative through engaging with the model answers provided and making the time to discuss the material with their children. Fostering of such an attitude will stand the students in such good stead for post-secondary education and career trajectories.

Similar reward excursions will be run in 2020 on a semester basis for the top two placings in each class across Years 7 to 10. I sincerely hope that the competitive nature in each child in those year groups will emerge to contest for one of those places; and, in the meantime, a sense of efficacy and responsibility for learning will develop amongst our students.