Kindergarten Code-a-Pillar
Kindergarten had squeals of delight when exploring our new Code-a-Pillar. Segments of this robot are marked with directional arrows, and our children were able to join them together in any order to make the code-a-pillar move from one target to another. 
Pre-Primary - Ozobots
Pre-Primary students were delighted and naturally inquisitive when introduced to our tiniest robots called Ozobots. Using a key of coloured codes, students were able to draw their own tracks for the Ozobots to travel along and perform commands such as colour changes, directional turns, spins, zig-zags and altering speed. 
Year 1 BeeBots
Year One students integrated their coding and spatial skills with giving directions on a map. By pushing any number of up, down, left and right arrow buttons on the Bee Bots, students are learning to program a sequence of steps as an algorithm.
Year 2 BlueBots and Dash
Year Two students have loved wirelessly coding our Blue Bots using bluetooth from the Ipad app. They made obstacles for the Blue Bots to travel over popstick bridges. Some students coded a sophisticated robot called Dash who is able to move, talk and record voices.
Year 3 Edison Robots
Year Three students were introduced to explore our Lego-compatible Edison robots. With clap-sensors, light-sensors, line tracking and object avoidance, students were very engaged with the capabilities of this robot and particularly excited with the ‘Sumo-wrestling’ robot activity.  
Year 4 Makey Makey

Year Four students integrated Makey Makey’s with their board game project. A Makey Makey is a mini electronic invention computer that allows users to connect everyday objects to computer programs. Students used the Makey Makey’s together with Scratch MIT to program their game pieces to make sounds when landing on different places on the board game.   
Year 5 Spheros
Year Five students were challenged with our brand new Sphero SPRK+ robots. Using the Sphero Edu app, students programmed the robot to navigate through mazes they designed. The Sphero’s contain LEDs, an accelerometer and gyrometer so that speed, angle, distance and colours can be programmed.
Year 6 KodeKlix
Year Six students were excited to explore KodeKlix kits containing several electronic input and output sensors and actuators. Using the Blockly Pickaxe app, students designed, built and coded their circuits via the KodeKlix CPU with great enjoyment.